26 April 2012

Planning Your Landscape Garden

One of the most important aspects of planning a landscape garden is preparation. Pay close attention to the size of the garden, the types of flowers (bulbs, annuals, perennials, etc.), the color of the plants and flowers, and the size and height of any shrubs. Gardens normally take on the personality of their designer.
Determine the purpose for planting the garden. The garden may be used for growing beautiful flowers to cut and make bouquets for the home or given as gifts. Some gardens are created to grow herbs and vegetables. Alternatively, the purpose may be to cover an area that will not grow grass or possibly to create privacy from neighbors.
Another important factor to consider when designing the garden is the size of the budget. Many people may be working with a limited budget when it comes to this type of project. The amount of time and money needed to maintain the garden is another factor to consider when planning a garden. The design may include a walkway, patio, or retaining wall. Adequate drainage with the drain path running away from the house is another thing to consider.
Researching the different types of flowers and shrubs is important. When designing a landscape garden, consider where it will be located on your property. How much sun or shade plants get is a very important factor. Certain plants need a lot of sun to grow, while other plants thrive better in a shaded area. Certain gardeners may desire the use of flowers that bloom during the different seasons. Whether the flowers will be planted in a straight line or particular pattern is another important component to consider.
For first-time designers, it is important to keep things simple. As more is learned about plants and shrubs, these can be added to the existing garden. Close your eyes and envision what the landscape garden will look like when it is complete. Look through magazines and cut out pictures of flowers or shrubs that you would like to have in your garden...
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